Masonic Fraternity of Oklahoma Donates $100,000 to SWOSU

The Masonic Fraternity of Oklahoma has donated $100,000 to Southwestern Oklahoma State University to fund an academic enrichment series on the Weatherford campus.
The endowment gift to the SWOSU Foundation was given by the Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma and will help establish a speaker series on the SWOSU campus. The SWOSU Masonic Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series will bring scholars with national or international prominence to the campus to share current research.
The gift was celebrated May 20 at a reception on the SWOSU campus hosted by SWOSU President Randy Beutler.
Masonic Charity Foundation Executive Director John Logan of Edmond said the Masonic Fraternity of Oklahoma is proud to present this $100,000 gift.
“Freemasons have been proponents of public education since our country was founded,” Logan said. “We are very aware of the outstanding job done by the regional universities in our state and we want to assist them in their efforts.”
Logan said President Beutler’s vision of establishing the SWOSU Masonic Distinguished Scholar Lecture Series is a wonderful use of the funds. Interest income from the endowment will be used to bring speakers to the campus for the benefit of students and area residents. A committee will be formed to determine the speakers each year.
“We are confident the earnings of this endowment will enhance not only the academic experience for the students but also enrich the community of Weatherford and the surrounding area,” Logan said.
Oklahoma has over 231 Masonic Lodges and over 25,000 members, who contributed over $14,000 every day of 2009 to charitable and educational causes. The Masonic Charity Foundation of Oklahoma was named the Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation of the Year by the Oklahoma Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.
Freemasonry is not a charity; although it promotes charity in its members. It is a fraternity designed to teach morality and ethics and train good men to make themselves of service to themselves, their families and their communities. Freemasonry is not a religion, but it teaches its members to be active in their chosen faith. Freemasonry subscribes to no partisan politics, but it teaches its members to be active in civic concerns.
“We are so appreciative of this gift and thank the Masons for their support of SWOSU,” Beutler said.